Discover Osaka, full day

Explore Osaka, a vibrant city

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An essential tour for any traveller seeking an intimate understanding of Japan.

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Only someone who genuinely loves this city can show visitors around effectively. Yann has been living in Osaka for 15 years, so he knows better than anyone how to reveal its secrets to you.


The activity takes place from approximately 10am to 6pm.

One thing is certain; it's worth taking the time to explore Osaka for at least one day. Only too often, people use the nearby airport to reach Kyoto, not taking the time to explore Osaka itself in depth.

What would you think of being guided through the labyrinthine streets by someone head-over-heels in love with this huge city?
This way, you won't miss the breathtaking view from a little, high up, hidden away terrace, a typically Japanese oddity of this maze of escalators or the futuristic design of a little cafe on the deck of a building.

Osaka is not known for its austerity. In Japan, it's considered the city of laughter and entertainment, particularly due to the very unique local dialect. Here, people eat well and laugh a lot, and the city's appearance reflects this warm atmosphere. You are in Japan's gastronomic capital, the kitchen of Japan!

Although a large part of the city, including the castle's keep, was razed to the ground in 1945, the impressive castle wall still bear witness to the historical importance of the city's role at the crucial turning point of the 16th and 17th centuries. A little further along, you will come across the temple of Shitenno-Ji, the oldest administered temple in Japan dating back to the 6th century.

Explore Shinsekai, the popular retro district , its smoke-filled rooms for games of go and its restaurants with their kushiyaki, skewered meat rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. Then off to Minami, with its colourful neon signs and covered galleries. You'll be spoilt for choice in choosing a restaurant from the hundreds that surround you!


Your Travel Angel will send an e-mail to arrange to meet you in a convenient place.
There is an extra charge for every additional person in groups of more than 4 people. Full price also applies to children.